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Mining Architect is the first Social Mining Game project based on NFTs. Those can be used to mine game tokens, some of which can be swapped into cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin), which are actually mined by our mining farm. Additionally, these tokens can be used to expand your virtual farm, enhance your virtual hardware, and customize your gaming environment.

These criptocurrencies are mined directly by Mining Architect using real hardware. Mining Architect's rigs are placed into a real mining farm located in Iceland.

Mining Tools

Mining Architect is an innovative and gamified mining farm, whose services take place mainly in Iceland. Thanks to this mining farm, users can mine different tokens within the game, swapping some of them with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Mining The Future

We have chosen to set up our own mining farm in Iceland.

Not because it is a particularly advantageous country from a fiscal point of view, but because 99% of the energy produced and used on the island comes from renewable sources.
Our Mining Farm is shared by the users of the project through the ownership of NFTs.Users receive a token that matches the one produced by their hardware, and this token can be traded or used to redeem the real one. The project's tokens are currently traded on the WAX blockchain.

This choice allows our users to trade their tokens without paying high fees. Furthermore, the presence on the WAX network of tokens linked to a collateral of value such as Bitcoin or Ethereum creates further value within the blockchain.
We have chosen Iceland as a base for our Mining Farm because it is one of the greenest countries in the world.

Almost 100% of the energy used on the island, in fact, comes from natural and renewable sources. The most used sources are certainly hydroelectric and geothermal energy.

The choice to use the WAX blockchain as an infrastructure for our systems was due not only to the excellent performance of the network, which is well suited for a community project, but also to the very low carbon footprint of the network itself.
Lately, the hardware needed to mine major cryptocurrencies has become decidedly expensive, making this investment prohibitive for most people.

Mining Architect aims to create a form of social mining through which users can share not only the profits, but also the expenses necessary to start the business. Users can also decide to reinvest part of the profit to grow the Mining Farm, coming to hold entire portions of it.

The long-term goal of Mining Architct is to create a new large structure in direct collaboration with a producer of clean energy, in order to significantly reduce production costs.


Learn more about our objectives, for more details check the whitepaper.



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  • SWAP system activation
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Meet The Team

Working together, building the Future.


CEO & Hardware Manager

jhonDoe#4259 — IT (GMT+1)


CEO & Project Manager

lykǿs#6612 — IT (GMT+1)


Community Manager

BruceTheGoose#6057 — RO (GMT+3)


Blockchain Developer

Vethrfolnir#5172 - RO (GMT+3)


Unity Developer

Giombigion#7473 - IT (GMT+2)


Unity Developer

Etriaan#8509 - IT (GMT+2)



xXanderC#5091 - UK (GMT+0)



LosingYou-LY#7288 - IT (GMT+2)